Our Story

We are building a tool that helps Engineers, Product Managers, QA testers and others to solve one of the most common problems in software engineering: communicating and fixing technical issues.

Why does this matter? Software complexity has greatly increased over the last years and it is getting harder and harder to maintain high level of quality. We therefore want to enable companies to create better products faster. Less time on bugs = more time on features.

Our values

User experience is our obsession: we carefully think about every interaction and avoid doing things we don't like in other products. Of course, we make mistakes along the way - in which case we accept that we were wrong and quickly correct them.

We like working with curious people who openly share their opinions, but are open to accepting other points of view; who appreciate autonomy, but happy to collaborate with others.


  • Software: latest productivity tools like Github, Notion, Figma, Linear, Slack, etc.
  • Hardware: all full-time employees get a new MacBook Pro (or other equivalent computer of your choosing). You can also get other hardware that you need.
  • Flexible location: You don’t have to be based in Berlin, but if you are - you can enjoy a mix of remote work with face-to-face interactions in our office at Factory Berlin.
  • Flexible working hours: the only ask is to be available online for quick chats and meetings between 14:00 and 18:00 CET. That way we keep the balance between focused work and fast decision-making.
  • Time to unwind: we do our best work when our brains are fresh, which is why we don't normally work crazy hours and offer 30 days of paid vacations.